Summers Night

January 7, 2008
By Diego Vicent, Missouri City, TX

I was walking down the park
On one August summers night
I heard voices all around
They were calling on to me
“Why oh why?”
As I started walking faster
The voices follow getting louder
But I didn’t understand
Why they were calling onto me
As I dashed through the park
All the voices came and follow
Repeating “why oh why?”
Desperately I ran with my hands on my ears
But I still hear the voices saying “why oh why?”
As a ran into the street
And stand there in the middle
Looking at the entrance park
Slowly I took my hands of my ears
The voices had disappeared
But as I look onto the side
A car came by
I thought I was in heaven
With all the lights shining bright
But as I opened my eyes
I was laying on a bed
When a doctor came by leaned forward
And with a soft strong voice said
“Why oh why?”

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