January 7, 2008
By spineless_liberalxo GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
spineless_liberalxo GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"life's not a paragraph. and death, i think, is no parenthesis."--e.e. cummings.

Anguishes are ice cubes in a silver bucket,
Slithering to and fro
Through the ocean of half-melted excuses and lies.
They strive to escape
But just make noise.
Rattling, clattering, jangling.

Bitterness is a dark room,
A dark room where falsehoods lie,
And people too.
A musty dark room where secrets are locked.
And the key hasn't been seen for years.
Stifling, muffling, concealing.

Guilt is her snake-black fingernail
Tracing the ripples
Down your lover's back.
Shivering spines and goosebumped arms
Are how unjust nights are spent.
Smirking, leering, scowling.

Remorse is a forbidden midnight match
Under the cloak of dark
And the accusing bright of the moon
Leaves nothing to be found.
Shining, sneaking, skulking

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