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I Asked God

February 9, 2011
By KourtneyMarie BRONZE, St.Martinville, Louisiana
KourtneyMarie BRONZE, St.Martinville, Louisiana
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I asked god for a bush,
He gave me a garden.
I asked god for a rose,
He gave me a dozen.
I asked god for a love so true,
And he gave me you.

14 years passed by,
you still stayed by my side.
I asked god for a guardian angel,
He said to me..
"She's been there all along".
He took you away from me.
Therefore, I asked god to see you,
And he said to me..
"I know you miss her too ,but I couldn't give away my angel.. She's so beautiful and true."

15 years has passed,
I'm still weeping and crying.
I asked god to tell you I miss you,
But I guess he forgot to.
Indeed, I whisper *i love you*,
You were so gentle and true.
Nobody could ever define a love..
But the great god above.

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