Broken Wings

February 10, 2011
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Dreams become chances, Chances become risks
Life is a game, it likes to set tricks,

Our MInds tell us the plan, our hearts give us the cheats,

We slow down and the fall behind,
We speed up and become ahead of man kind,

Once we start a cycle it itends to repeat

Cycles are endless kinda like love
I believe love lasts forever even when we're above,

We all want to know how our story ends

The truth is our stories will never stop
And we'll never be satisfied without love even if we're at the top

Our hearts are meant to be permanently kept, not just to lend,

Haven't all of us just wanted to fly far away?

We are made to believe that magic isn't real,
Theres magic in our smiles, I see it as easy to reveal

I want my wings, no matter what they say

They say that if your human your meant to be broken,
We all break mainly from the words unspoken,

So yes I have been broken, but now I am strong

Give me my broken wings cuz yes its true,
I am broken so they should be too,

Therefore I am me, and I simply don't belong

Hear me now cuz I'll only say this one time,
If I pretend I'm different, I'll take it as a crime

I'm all by myself, alone and young-hearted

And so help me God If I die alone,
I'll try to be happy and not to groan,

So here I am back were I started

My dreams will become chances soon enough,
I ended my dead end cycles, turns out I was strong enough,

My broken wings grew, my magic has came

Beat that Karma, beat that you life trick,
I won this game, I beat the hurt and sick,

My love who shares my broken wings will once feel the same

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