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February 9, 2011
By Minnie SILVER, Washington, District Of Columbia
Minnie SILVER, Washington, District Of Columbia
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To whom it may concern
I refuse to be another being on this earth
I'm breathing for a purpose -Wale [Letter ft. John Mayer]

Footsteps on stairs
All alone, you can even hear your own heart pound
You don't mean it, it's not intentional
But for some reason you can't get over it though
Anger consumes you
And you have to set it free
People try to calm you
But they've got to let you be
Look past this moment
Into the next one
You'll soon regret what you're about to become
"Don't die in your winter," he says
But what about your simply cold day
Keep acting like that and you'll realize
Your life has passed away
But until then keep your head up
Don't let them keep you down
Because there are always footsteps on stairs
And someone's heart to pound

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