One Day With You

January 27, 2011
My beating heart guides the way
As I sail the ocean blue
Through wicked winds and harsh waves
Just to spend one day with you

I was upon the shore of a sandy desert
My ship destroyed but my willpower not
I kept voyaging in the beating sun
My destination I had not yet forgot

I continued my trek to you
When I reached a mountain tall and high
But I only thought of how my trip would soon be done
As I climbed the mountain that touched the sky

Finally I had reached my destination
The mountain’s pointed peak
Even though I was very tired
For you I began to seek

I looked and looked for you
At a careful and fast pace
Only to find you, arms wide open
And I fell into your embrace

We laid underneath the beautiful stars
And the sky’s blanket of navy blue
Everything I had done to get here
Was worth my one day, with you

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