Bad Dream

January 7, 2008
I’m running through the night
The moon my light and eyes
I’m running from the pain
I’m running from everything
I trip over something
Half hidden in the forest floor
I dig it up and find it to be
A picture of my grandfather casket
I scream as I see the black figure
A standing before me with a long black cloak
He’s holding a scythe and wearing an evil grin
I back away and stand up
I start to run as fast as I can
I try to hide in a dark cave
It doesn’t work for he finds me there
I decide to fight back
I grab for the gun strapped to my leg
He dodges every bullet
Something is shaking me
Maybe just my legs about to cave in
Someone is calling my name
From so far away
Maybe it’s just my paranoia
I wake and shoot up off the ground
With tears in my green brown fire eyes
I see my mom standing in front of me
Saying that I blacked out
After she told me my papaw James has died
I guess I didn’t get it
Because I ran out of the room
I ran to call my sister
Even though she was right down the hall
She said calm down so she could understand me
I said what happened and then it happened again

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