The Real World

January 7, 2008
Some call it high school, some call it
the best years of your life.
To those struggling through, taking it one day at a time
wishing and hoping and counting down the days
to those summer nights, see it as a whole new world.
A world where parents think they understand because they
supposedly lived in the same exact world I’m living in
and supposedly know exactly what’s going through my mind
and supposedly felt exactly the way I’m feeling
and dealt with what I’m dealing with.

It’s a world of humiliation.
To be remembered as the girl who fell down the flight of stairs
trying to make it to class on-time.
To be remembered as that one boy who wants it all,
he strives, he hungers but he never makes it.
Never makes the team, never gets the girl.
He just wants a chance.
To be remembered as the student who stands
out against the rest.
Who pisses off your biology teacher and proves
Her wrong, just for kicks.

Then you get caught up, stuck in the teenage waste
You’re fat, athletic, the class clown, a druggie, slut, Goth, anorexic, too rich, too poor, you’re quiet and like the color black. Does that make you Emo or suicidal?
Is there a difference? Or are you still trying to find yourself?

If you cant find yourself, there are always those to put you in your place
as the stupid freshman, the mixed up sophomore, the underdog junior
who thinks he can take on the beast, the gods, the seniors.
… Who remind you with every chance they have
of where you stand in the food chain.

When all else fails, you turn to your companions.
You’re friends who are always there.
You’re boyfriend who tells you he loves you.
You’re favorite teacher who you will never forget.

You start to like it more and more.
Then you find yourself thinking you know what you’re doing,
Thinking you’re making the right decisions,
And think you have a firm grasp on this so called “world”
Then you think, it’s all over.

Until you have to face the real one.

But hey, I’m just a stupid freshman
What do I know?

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