May Day, Mayday

January 7, 2008
By Jacob Krupitzer, Titusville, PA

Sunlight provokes by reflection,
its rays contrast the colors through glass.
Making a whistling connection,
the wind does a waltz with the grass.

Outdoors appeal to the senses,
taking over my spirit quite fast.
Children climb up on their fences,
they laugh cause they know it won’t last.

Nature attempts to ensue me,
as I scan out the beautiful scene.
Streams trickle by as if they’re free,
and the trees correspond with green.

A picnic table welcomes me,
and I take in the wondrous sky.
I ponder what it’s all meant to be,
but no one is ever sure why.

A maple tree towers above me,
I watch as its seeds tumble down.
They look as though they can not be,
helicopters spinning to the ground.

Mayday on a May Day,
wonderful visions burn in my mind.
As I try to analyze nature,
my conclusion comes out undefined.

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