Molly the Monkey

January 7, 2008
By Kayla Senger, Hamilton, TX

I once had a monkey named Molly
And she liked playing with my dollies
She played with them all the time
They were hers as well as mine

And one day she was taken away
I did not understand
So I asked my mom Ann
Why are they taking my best friend away?

She said she is sick and might not make it
So I said she’s just faking it
I looked up with teary eyes
And my mom said to stop telling lies

My mom told me Molly might not come back
I felt my heart crack
I didn’t want my monkey to die
So I sat down and continued to cry

One day in May that man came by
He told me with swollen red eyes
“Your monkey Molly in the ground she lays
So in this world she can no longer stay.”

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