The Game…

January 7, 2008
By Clayton Turner, Hamilton, TX

My name is methamphetamine
Some people know me as a king
I give you what you ask for
I make you feel good at your core

If you believe that I make you cool
Aw- what a gullible fool
I will tell you the harsh game I really play
I’ll give you the rules up front on a silver tray

Once you get caught in my trap
Your life as you know it will come to a wrap
You’ll start a new one at an alarming rate
It will be full of crime and hate

And that’s not all
You’re social health will also take a great fall
I’ll tear your family apart
And give you nothing than a shopping cart

If you think I need to get a clue
Then when you hear what I have to say you’ll be very blue
This happened to my family and me
And there is just one key

Just Don’t Do It!

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