Crush Sestina

January 7, 2008
I was so happy when he glanced
At me; his crush
He wanted nothing more than to touch
My hair, pushing it behind my ear as he whispered
Sweet nothings
And my eyes happily began to tear

Later, I began to tear
Up the notes of ex boyfriends and glance
Out the window at nothing
Thinking of my crush
Remembering his whisper
And his soft touch

I soon had the chance to touch
Him again and tear
Off his shirt, while his body whispered
“Feel me.” Suddenly I was distracted by his glance
at his cell, a text from another crush
He made me feel like nothing.

“Its fine, Its nothing.”
He lied, as he touched
My chin so gently, crushing
All hope for a successful relationship, a tear
rolled down my face and he glanced
at me, “Don’t cry” he whispered

“I do love ya” he whispered
“What’s wrong?” “Nothing.”
I replied. Glancing
At another guy, but wanting to touch
The one in front of me and tear
His hopes of courting his other crush

“Really I don’t like that other girl, she has a crush”
“On me,” he said, whispering
“Wipe your tears”
babe.” He brought a smile to my face. Nothing
was wrong. Touch
my face and kiss me, don’t glance

Away. I thought. That’s why it’s called a crush. In the end you’re left with nothing
But the memories of soft whispers and his sweet touch
Memories of the tears you cried and his cute little loving glance

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born2bewriting said...
Jun. 18, 2011 at 10:49 pm
Pretty good! I know how challenging the sestina form is, but according to my research, one is supposed to use the same word in the same form, ending each line. For example, one would've used "glancing" throughout the poem, not "glances." The pattern, though, is spot on. I really love this poem. Also, just a little picky punctuation tip, when one ends a line with a quote continuing on to the next line, one doesn't use quotation marks at the end of the first line. Besides, it just looks bette... (more »)
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