January 7, 2008
By Jesse Bear, Colorado Springs, CO

horses rumbled down from the sky
leaving pink and purple nails
lost in space

their candied muzzles
sucked the greenery,
swirling up pipes into the clouds

vomiting wet newspaper,
the newscaster
hails the rain of all things

public disaster:
mailboxes flew
off to join the dragon claws awaiting them

we hid in post offices
i saw you in words nobody'd read
before the horses came, like red discs orbiting

and ended all things
pellets of seraded words
they came down and found you

the lights glowed:
white circular cells of stars
chrysalises guiding the way

ultra-violet plains
striped fruit bearing plans
on finding somewhere new

i traveled far and long from horse-beasts long gone
when all i needed was you
and you found yourself somewhere lost

fall with me now
and lose yourself in realizing things whole

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