Beauty Forever

January 6, 2008
By Dustin glass, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Tears were shed, as the blood-color red
Was dawned be my piers and I.
Nothing exceeding the pain and the feeling
Of coming to see are fear fly.

Together were scared as we looked and we stared
At the tree that held her face.
The silence unbroken, the incident unspoken,
A photo had taken her place.

An angel had flown, and the truth would be known,
We would see her smile no more.
The love will keep awake and asleep,
Just as the eagle will soar.

Her beauty a rose, no soul could appose,
Against anything she had to say.
With a flip of her hair or a split-second stare,
Her presence could brighten your day.

No one to blame, not a man or a name,
On why she was to go.
One thing can be sure her memory a cure,
Andrea we’ll miss you so.

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