February 16, 2011
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All that you could ever want -
All that glitters, pretty things
Fill the room from floor to ceiling,
But in the corner someone sings.

She doesn't wear the ballgown
That was laid upon her bed,
And all the makeup she was given
Doesn't hide her eyes so red.

No object can be given
To fix that right made wrong,
And so she stands and softly
Continues with her song.

Beside her feet lie things
That help her not to fade:
A single picture of him
And a silver sharpened blade.

She wanders to the window,
Looks out into the gloom.
The darkness of the night
Matches that inside the room.

They told her it would be okay -
She would forget before too long.
That wasn't the way things turned out,
So on and on, she sings her song.

Atonement for their sins
Is the cause for all the splendor;
However, she has told them
Happiness it will not render.

Because love is that of which she sings -
Taken from her, left her heart in shreds.
The only ones who've recovered from such
Are those below the Earth - the Dead.

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