Am I living life right mummy?

February 16, 2011
By Anonymous

Am I living life right mummy,
Is this how it’s meant to be.
I work hard, I try hard, I get A’s,
But is that all that lifes got for me?

If I died in a car crash tomorrow,
What would they say that I’d done?
They could only say what I could’ve would’ve been,
Had I lived and carried on.

Sometimes I feel I don’t do it right.
Should I get wasted, have my fun now?
Because what if you’re wrong and life turns out to be,
A b**** and not stick to its vow.

It promised it would reward me,
The try hard, the worker, the good.
But am I living life right mummy?
Or have I utterly misunderstood.

The author's comments:
I think sometimes the pressure on us to decide our future is too much. How are you meant to know the right way to live?

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