Dreams Deferred

January 6, 2008
By Molly Ross, Brockton, MA

What will happen to a dream deferred?
Only time will tell
My dreams could be differed
All my dreams will have fell

I could be gone tomorrow
No time for goodbyes
You probably would never know
Even though everybody dies

I could loose everything tomorrow
My family, my house, my life.
I would be filled with sorrow
But somehow continue with life

I would try to persevere
No matter how tough
My dreams and goals would re-appear
I will succeed but it will be rough

My dreams may be deferred
Everything could change
My life would be different for sure
But I'm ready for the challenge

I will succeed
No matter what
I have planted the seed
My dreams will grow and be sought

Anyone could loose their dreams
So live life to the fullest
Live, love, and fulfill your dreams
You don’t want to be the dullest

Life is a never ending game
Play until you can’t anymore
Not everyone’s life is the same
Though we will be together forever more

So you asked what will happen to a dream deferred
And I honestly do not know
Everyone’s dreams will be deferred
But until mine is, I will not know.

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