"Ahoy!" and Pardon me Neptune, thy lord of the sea

January 6, 2008
By Madison Papir, Miami, FL

"Ahoy!" and Pardon me Neptune, thy lord of the sea
But what kind of lunatic has possessed thee?
I wish not make any gesture of combat
I make but one plea for a small gift, not even wrapped

You have so kindly acquainted me with your partner in crime
Never did I think my face would meet that of Death, but close it did come
Not once, or twice, but for all the past century of time
Merciless, bloodthirsty, drunk from your evil aquatic rum

Howling winds and crashing waves,
Thunderous cries and lightning graves,
Hungry whirlpools, kidnapping the innocent sailors who once freely navigated your seas
Now victims of a power-hungry tyrant, enslaved forever at depths of the lowest degrees

Many a time the Captain called crisp and clear, "Avast!" and all melted to a standstill
So I cry, for all my Anchor-faced brothers, "Avast!" with a heart grown ill
I holler till my lungs run dry as a bone like Sahara
But chaos persists in her games of destruction as she has since the Precambrian Era

You have stripped me cold of all rigging, rutter, reef tackles, and rationality
Anchor Danforth, Delta, Bruce, nor Spade can save me from this brutality
None but the greatest gift a seafaring lad can only plea
The safety and sheltered warmth of peace and sanctuary

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