The Women Who Hurt Me

February 14, 2011
By Unique7 BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
Unique7 BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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Never Chase after something unless its worth catching

You were the one who always abused me, made me wonder if I will ever be free.I never had the heart to tell you, because I was afraid of what you might do.But I'm not afraid of you anymore,cause me holding this all in, has made me soar.I still love you, and respect you as my mother,But I can't allow this to go any further.Even though this happened way back, in my mind I still have flashbacks.But I have forgiven you. and we can move on, If it happens again, than out of your life I will be gone!

The author's comments:
All my poetry writings are based on true stories not fiction. I had a rough childhood while with my mom and all these years I kept that hurt in and I'm basically releasing it, and always trying to help those who doesn't have strength to keep going.

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