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The Fallen Soldier

February 20, 2011
By CarleeRobin12 GOLD, Pitsburg, Ohio
CarleeRobin12 GOLD, Pitsburg, Ohio
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They walk in the heat and in the rain,
But they act like there is no pain.
They hold their guns ready to fire,
But they have to make sure their eyes won't tire.
They duck when shots are airborne,
But fall when they are torn.
They nap in a hole at night,
But are up when they need to fight.
They write to their loved ones,
But have to stop to clean their guns.
They sleep on the bumpy dirt,
But sometimes they can't wash their shirt.
They get yelled at 24/7,
But some of them get sent to Heaven.

Their families will cry,
When they hear that their loved one was the one who had to die.
They will scream and shout,
And will just walk about.
When they come home in a crate,
They never want to remember this date.
When the officer hands them the red, white, and blue banner,
Their hearts break in an unrepairable manner.
When they see them lowering him into the ground.
Their emotions begin to drowned.
When they lye awake at night,
They can see him in the sky shinning bright.
When they sleep, they hear his beautiful tone.
They wake to see his name on the stone.
They kiss it, and embrace it,
And they know right now he's making a fit.
He would say "It's never goodbye, It's always I'll see you soon."
So until that day I'll see you soon.
But it will never be soon enough,
But for you until that die I will be strong and tough.
So I love you,
And I know you love me too.

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