Tragic Situations.

January 6, 2008
By Alina Wingo, Lake Havasu City, AZ

Situations can be tragic,
They bring out the insanity in us like
Your mother takes a pie out of the oven.
Tragic situations are the mess in us all.
They break down your stability system and
Rewire your proper thinking.
You go crazy.
And it gets crazy inside your mind,
All alone, with nothing but the thoughts you
Create which aren’t always good.
Tragic situations are the mess in us all.
Your vulnerability is like a beast,
You turn into one….
You turn into an insecure weakling.
And once it’s out and running,
It will take you many tears and
Many screams to stuff it back up inside
And callous yourself.
In tragic situations like these you must
Put your walls up and let no one in.
Impulse will rule your mouth and actions.
Then you’ll end up like me…
Confined to a tiny hole in the wall,
Far away from any existence.
Far away from any love at all.
All because a tragic situation made
A mess out of me.
And took my pie out of the oven…

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