"Am I Bleeding?"

January 6, 2008
By Alina Wingo, Lake Havasu City, AZ

You’ll leave one day
Just like the rest of them.
And no one will stop you.
I am too much to handle.
I can feel you’re going to leave.
Yes, I can sense it.
I can feel it crawling beneath my skin.
It’s plaguing my mind,
Making me breathes uneasy.
Queasy is what it’s making me.
And I don’t love you
And I don’t need you
And I don’t want you here anyway
But we both know that I am lying.
I am not broken!
I am not swollen!
I am not dead yet.
Am I still breathing?
I am bleeding.
I see you leaving.
Bye! I’ve stopped needing.
I won’t go to you pleading.
I can’t stop you from leaving.
Babe, am I breathing?
I see that I am breathing.
And I see you leaving…..gone.
Before you go can you stop my bleeding,
Perhaps even my breathing,
Please, before you leave?

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