Silent, your glance, where I know your all.

January 6, 2008
By Olivia Curry, Frederick, MD

Silent, your glance, where I know your all.
your eyelashes are golden shards
and though I gasp as one dances toward the concrete and drop to the floor first to catch it (waste not!)
I’m the only one.
and I suppose my kisses are like heavens breath
but they fall to rest upon a statue built already crumbling
and as it avalanched it would release me, drifting back
into the same distant gray as before.

I’d take your heartbreak and run away
farther, farther, forever
but it seems the world would run away with me, eager
(this is NOT a game)
leaving you like an astronaut released
watching your spaceship float away
so close, so close, alone....

I’d put you in a picture frame
next to my fairy tales and slight bouquets
and there I’d love you, but you
would, forlorn, sigh
and recede into the backdrop and
slowly fade into the sky
(where I twinkle as my secret)

maybe we were meant to
be the only lonely laughing stars
but intertwined, we can’t be proper lost
so leave me like I’m trouble
or I’ll leave you, my daydream.

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