The Kingdom

January 6, 2008
Elders tell of stories
of men with kingdoms spread land to land

built from the Ayes'
yet no brick was laid to hand.

Soothsayers would come
and give choice from prince or traveler,

plenty choose the kingdom in-security
for the walls may be none the wiser.

Beheld in ones stay
many build a tyrants palace blindly,

while some govern their castle
at the whim of neighbors likely.

And all spires are not touched
by the sun some days,

plans to create, in genesis
the light was an endless haze.

Shadows wisp and envelop
and give exodus rays reason to fear.

If not shone, a eclipse come to be
and suddenly ones robe gives tear.

As if happening before; Joy-

to let ruins, than grasp thrones darker.

Take it from this hopefully fallen king;
made traveler, held lover, Ayes' departer.

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