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The christmas i'll never forget

February 14, 2011
By ANT13 SILVER, Northwood, New Hampshire
ANT13 SILVER, Northwood, New Hampshire
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On Christmas day soon to be,

No clouds in the sky not one to see.

In the early morning of Christmas Eve,
Santa was at the factory putting up his tree.

Everyone at home was putting decorations on their trees,
While others were busy wishing sweet dreams.

Santa and his 9 reindeer flew upon the sky,
Looking for kids who wondered why.

Santa dropped down chimney after chimney,
And soon there was me.

I was sitting in front of the fireplace,
Hoping for him to come through this place.

He gave me a look, a look never to forget,
Told me to go upstairs to bed.

I heard him shoot back up the chimney,
And he said, “Merry Christmas” to all and me.

That night I snuck out of bed,
To see what Santa left ahead.

I could see the Christmas lights,
Shining, shining sparkly bright.

There I saw what could be mine,
But it said it was my brother Felines.

I went upstairs and went to sleep,
Then heard the sound of reindeer feet.

They landed on my roof once more,
And Santa brought more presents as many as four.

The next morning came about,
And that’s when my mother shout

We ran downstairs as fast as lightning,
To see what was all was so delighting.

The biggest present standing tall,
Was for me and family, friends and all.

It was a T.V. as wide as a bureau,
It seemed too big to even fit on the table.

The next present I knew for sure,
It was for me of course.

It was a new game that just came out,
Everyone wanted to play it and hang out.

We ate lunch later on that day,
And we sing Christmas carols all through the day.

When it came to dinner we would eat, eat, and eat,
And dance along to all the Christmas beats.

I went to sleep thinking about all the presents I had,
But now I’m sleeping and now to be sad.

Christmas was over and no one was joyful,
I on the other hand I did feel a little thankful.

If Santa hadn’t seen my expression on my face,
I probably would have nothing to grace.

The night was over, morning soon to come,
And everyone will be happy and eat some gum.

The author's comments:
this was written for everyone who celebrates holidays like christmas and is something with a little humor.

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