My Voice

February 9, 2011
Why are you here telling me how to look?
Why are you here telling me what to like?
You think you can read me like a book.

I try to block out the words you say.
Your voice rises above the rest,
It screams through my head night and day.

It is hard not to fall under your spell
Especially when you tell me everything will be well
I know I am bigger than you are
And that there is no way you can keep me from getting far.

I am who I am.
I like what I like.
Your voice that speaks
Cannot change me.

I drown out your voice.
I start to be myself.
The decisions that I make, I won’t think twice.

I won’t think about what you will think.
I won’t think about how you will react.
Because I know what is best for me.

Now that your voice no longer intrudes my mind
I do not do what the voices around me speak,
But what the voice inside me speaks.

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