Time and Distance

February 9, 2011
By Anonymous

For every time there is a distance,
And for every distance there is a time.
The path of least resistance
Is often hard to find.

Whether traversing the world
Or racing on a track
Time and distance swirl
And there's no turning back.

These two dimensions
Walk side by side
And despite your best intentions
They will never let you hide.

They have rules and boundaries
Lines that can't be crossed
And they don't accept excuses
So you better not get lost.

The distance is too far,
Or the time is too short.
Like the strings of a guitar,
They must both be in sort.

From the gun of the start
Until the bitter end
A runner cannot part
with these two friends.

They follow like hawks
With watchful eyes
Counting the walks
And measuring the strides.

Impossible, though it may seem
Defeating the stalemate
Can be done as a team--
When two hearts wait.

So even when the miles don't diminish
Or the course is rough
Head straight for the finish
To meet the one that you love.

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