A Message

January 6, 2008
By alyssa madrid, Los Angeles, CA

I feel like a hero
Saving you everyday
Bet you a billion dollars
You won’t notice me today

Being there at your side
Making sure no one hurts you
Seeing if you have some pride
On the things that you do

I look out the window
I see you start to cry
I want to make you feel so much better
All I can do now is try

But still you can’t see
What’s right in front of your face
You have the chance to be free
But somehow you think you’re a disgrace

Truth is that’s how others see you
They all want to bring you down
But I’m a little different
I don’t like seeing you frown

I think you’re perfect just the way you are
Beautiful inside and out
Like an angel from afar

Even though I’m just a friend
You brighten up my days
I somehow know you care about me more
So I hope we never part ways

But if the day comes
When I have to let you go
I want you to see
How my feeling for you have grown

There I told you that’s how I feel
Closing this poem up
In my heart I tightly seal

I tried my best
On making this poem for you
Now only three words left
That of which: I LOVE YOU

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