February 8, 2011
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We dance
To the sound of music
to the beat of love
stepping to and fro
playing the part
saying our lines
to others
and to ourselves
ignoring each other
neglecting the truth
hiding with such grace
to real emotion.
But the curtain is drawing to a close.
The show is coming to an end.
This mask I wear
grows heavy
covering my eyes from the truth
from reality
a tedious endeavor
Can you not see me
Weeping beyond this smile
These fabricated feelings
Of love once real
I waited
So long
For the mask to be removed
waited for the play
to be over
that I may see the real you
only to realize as the curtain was drawn
the one wearing the mask
was I alone
so we go on
dancing to the music
feeling the beat
singing the words
until this worn mask
breaks away
and you see the real me
the husk of a man
you once loved.

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