Heaven’s Angels

January 6, 2008
By Rebekah Oakes, Conneaut, OH

Some eagles never fly, some words never rhyme,
A life is just a single grain among the sands of time.
Some see what they believe, some believe what they see,
A privileged few hear angles sing a haunting melody.

You don’t always have a chance, but you always have a choice,
Those who follow love’s guiding hand are those who hear His voice.
Some finally understand what others knew all along,
As all of heaven’s angels sing their bittersweet slow song.

Love is like a flower, it doesn’t always bloom,
Sometimes it wilts, and sometimes it is renewed.
Lives are like stars, countless and bright,
Sometimes right is wrong, but wrong is never right.

Like summer is to winter, like darkness is to day,
Some souls follow His example, some are lead astray.
There are always two paths laid out before us,
Those who choose the right one hear the angel’s chorus.

Singers are added every day, and many more will come,
They sing as a single voice, their hearts beat as one.
Those who listen can’t help but join, and they will never tire,
Of singing a song of selfless love in Heaven’s angels’ choir.

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