Fall Call

January 6, 2008
A dozen reasons to stay inside
But a whisper if I may confide
Is telling me to listen close
There’s secrets that shall be exposed

It tells me that all things may end
And no helping hand that may extend
Can aid the coming coldness
That falls upon us in earnest

The season, the whisperer tells me
Takes over all I see
So now when I look around
The changes seem profound

A chill lurks in the air
It’s most secret weapon in midair
A light wind tumbles forward
That nearly sends me homeward

Bare trees seeking shelter
Its brothers blend together
A layer of color covers the ground
A product of the trees that stand around

No more skin-exposed clothes
No more wide open windows
No more sun-filled days
No more cleared up walkways

This season bears no mercy
Its reign seems quite too lengthy
But it’s sending out its warning call
A season widely known as fall

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