With God

January 6, 2008
First He pours the cement, builds the walls, and installs the overhead lights.
With God, you feel at home.

The sky is bright. Birds are in flight. A new baby is born. It’s Christmas morn.
With God, you are loved.

There are bills to pay. You got a bad grade today. Your sister died. Trust was broken.
With God, you will make it through.

You are afraid of the dark. Your parents are no longer married. A child has no food to eat.
God is always there.

We had a snow day today. A blind man was made to see. You are the class president.
With God, anything is possible.

He has your name on the palm of his hand.
God will take care of you.

The tears I cry fill the clouds. My heart aches for all the suffering and illness.
God hears you.

Someone touched my hem. Put mud on your eyes. Say you believe!
With God, you are healed.

You are tired. You are sad. You are glad.
With God, you can share your feelings.

Free will, choices, decisions. The lifelong road filled with curves and bumps. Those who know the truth are on their way, despite the mess of the day.

God will never leave you or forsake you. God is the same yesterday-today-and forever.

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