The Stream

February 16, 2011
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Looking out and looking back,
And wish to never end.
The flowers blooming from my tracks,
The road begins again.
The glass reflecting petals rose,
The leaves are just as bright,
The gleaming veins, no threat they pose,
Except the fear of night.
The bark, it crackles under weight,
I lean against the tree,
The stream, it takes them on their way,
A gentle blush of breeze.
The crunching of a rabbit’s foot,
Behind the nearing stream,
The babe, it scurries at my look,
A lullaby it sings.
A pinch of purple, blush of pink,
And live green everywhere.
Alone I seem, or so you think,
There’s beauty here to share.
The stream sings me a lullaby,
To quiet heart beat strong,
A gentle gleaming in his eye,
Expression- smiling, calm.
He whispers, “I will never leave”
And comforted I seem,
But wind pushed him away from me,
My heart lost by
The stream.

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