I knew what you were doing to me

January 5, 2008
I knew what you were doing to me,

I knew it all along.

Thank goodness your eyes were blinded.

My dear you certainly have it all wrong.

You see that thing that lives inside you,

Well it was slowly killing me.

And I was so addicted to the pain

That I never wanted free.

But love can not be won that way,

For though I cared I used you

As a sort of drug dealer

Making this a twisted game for two.

Forgive me now

And don't let my mistakes lead you astray.

For when you left me alone to fight my demons

I found the only way.

Though the road hard and pain seducing

It'll be worth it in the end.

For I am now capable of being loved

And found a kind that folly can never bend.

So follow me my dear.

Take my advice for the first time.

For I pray I'll finally reach you

With this simple rhyme.

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