Your cute and cuddly

January 5, 2008
Your cute and cuddly,

Like a thorny rose.

Mashing into my skin.

Make me feel alive again.

Why does it feel like I need you

When I'm supposed to run away.

You are to me a delious torment.

Make my heart feel less dormant.

These feelings make me bleed the blood of a writer

Lyric like words pour from my fingers like an eltric shock.

I write you words as if in continual song.

Why doesn't this seem all wrong?

Why does it feel so right?
This evil spirit you send me in a pretty package.

Though it sometimes doesn't look so nice.

You should have taken my advice:

Maybe we both wouldn't be hurting so bad.

Stealing glances of your pain filled eyes with mine.

Hopes not gone.

Just carry on.

Don't give up.

I know your not listening.

You don't care about my tears and screams.

I see you in my dreams.

Day and night,

You haunt my like a ghost.

If I run away,

Will you slip away?

I've gotta learn to trust

Not my instinks but my God.

So hear me whisper a prayer for the last time.

I'll flee while I still can and hopefully make it out alive.

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