On War

January 5, 2008
By Cate Matthews, Pittsburgh, PA

Draw some lines
Go ahead, I dare you
And when you do, you’ll tear you apart
The lines will separate what is mine from what is yours
And we’ll lock our gates and barricade our doors
And maybe that’ll be the beginning of the start
Draw more lines
Here, I’ll even give you a pen
Draw the lines to separate
To make each their own separate state
To give them self
And by giving them self destroy who they were
And watch them wallow in what they can’t endure
But give them maps to ease their pain
Then they too can draw lines
Sketching out who they are, marking their own place in this world
Though they wouldn’t recognize their own face in the mirror
And if you’d even take just a moment to think
Maybe you’d realize that before they ran out of ink
They’d be able to replace it with blood
And even if you would erase what they would write you never could
The world would be divided by black lines on white and
I promise you that will you haunt you
But maybe I’ll draw lines as well
Lines to protect me from them and them from me
And before you know it we’ll be
Alone in this world, a world without friends
And slowly in these incessant lines we’d find the end
Draw more lines
It can’t hurt, we’re already divided
By race and religion, wealth and lack thereof, our beliefs
The lines are really just beautifying what lies underneath
Something so ugly you wouldn’t believe
Something I would have never conceived if I hadn’t seen the lines
And now I begin regret I gave you a pen
Because you can’t erase what you wrote with a pen
You can scribble over and over until earlier marks are unseen
But you can still feel them, they’re still there, and the map isn’t yet clean
So draw more lines
Try to fix what you started
The division you caused when with your pen you parted
Worlds and families and people that were once one
But now they are left completely undone
But draw lines
That’s my advice
You can’t see these people dying in your map
And you can’t touch these people crying with your pen
So you shouldn’t care
You shouldn’t take notice
Because if they were at all like you they’d get through this
I know all you want to do is draw the lines
Ignore all the warnings to the contrary, all the signs
Listen to your ambition when its says that though your pen may drip red
Blood is still ink
And though you may murder for your lines
They will always be lines because they’re written in pen
Draw the lines
Tear us apart
The lines that make us split instead of whole
And though you may know deep in your soul
That this was not how it was meant to be
It is how it is
Draw more lines
Destroy more lives
Go ahead, I dare you

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