January 5, 2008
By Kaitlyn Manley, Loveland, OH

I am breath and I am body.
I am heart and soul and brain.
I am talent. I am talent.
I am anger and pain.
I am all and I am nothing.
I am a speck of dust.
Stardust. I am Carbon.
I am the shine before the rust.
I am a lucky arraignment of atoms.
I am unique. I am the same.
I am me. I am human.
I have no, want no name.
I am too everything and too few.
I am contrasting waves that fall.
I am nothing. I am nothing.
And yet, I am all.
I am growing. I am learning.
I am learning to forget.
Forgetting meaning and forgetting youth.
And so I do forget.
I am a black cloud--- don't you feel me rain?
I am thoughts and thoughtless; a black, black stain.
I am Christian. I am anger.
I am a writer, a yell, a cry.
A scream, I vibrate and shake and let my hope die.
I fly.
I fall--- What goes up must go down.
I hit the ground.
I am an earthquake.
I am a space, empty.
A blank. A book,
And I am the author--- I am me.

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