In life, there will be many challenges

January 5, 2008
In life, there will be many challenges
It is almost like a maze of journeys
Thou knoweth not when the finish line
Just like a leaf withers, so can thy soul
For there will be times of sorrow in life
Salty droplets may leak when this time comes
Remember, they can come from joy as well
The organ that gives life may be broken
By a lost love that took it for granted
Thou must remember that life still goes on
There will be someone there waiting to mend
You may be treated as though you are dirt
Just stick it out and good times will come soon
Let your pure heart shine like the sun at noon
Don't let vengeance hold the situation
Take control of thy life and do what's right
You'll be rewarded at the end of time
Life's like a huge clock that ticks on and on
But life is not as long as it may seem
Life, for any of us, could end right now

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