January 5, 2008
Some of us search the lies to find the truth.
We are destined to know but once we do it only brings sorrow into our lives.
We have desperation for satisfaction to feel loved and important in the world. When in reality it is not the people we get the contentment from it is the feelings among us. People today are drowned with greed it sickens me. Promises that are made that become loss like the people that once were in our lives. They disappear in different ways some death some the plain greed. The truth hurts but lies strangle the innocent. Now there are two kinds of lies; one where you hear from others.
And another were you convince yourself over and over again where you at one point believe the lies you tell yourself are true and you struggle to believe the real truth that you infact kill yourself without being dead you kill your soul so you just live the lie that you once created.

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