I Miss Her

January 4, 2008
I remember the day
You wanted to go away
Now you have your own place
Somewhere to live with lots of space
Away from all the drama
From your sis, bro, and mama
You got a place to call home
To all your friends it's well known
You say "I got a house now!"
And everyone replies "wow!"
Remember when you slept on a cot?
Man things have changed alot
So many will be missed
Can't help, but think you dissed
But you've made your own choice
No room for sadness just rejoice
Remember you can always call
You can always come back
Where you can forever slack
Enough has been said
Go on and rest your head
Take a nap. Chill. Rest.
Remember, always do your best
I say "it may not seem as I miss her"
But I will miss, the one known as my sister"

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