Far, Far Away

February 7, 2011
My days have been so bright,I swear everthings so clear

I'm seeing the sunlight, Now that you're not here.

You see, cause you were always my cloud

You've followed me around

Everyday you made the rain fall, yeah, you did it all.

Even in the winter, you were never nice

You didn't even try, You're colder than the ice.

It's been one hundred forty-three days Since they sent you away

The red and blue lights Flashed in our driveway.

Now it's this drive way that I stand With your postcard in my hand

From a mand that I've tried and I ve tried to understand.

But you never did quit, I was so sick of it.

If there was a list of what you did wrong I'd need a map to find the end.

But here it begins, The note read "Dear Friend,"

The words that I'd expect From such a desperate man.

And then it continues,

"You don't know what I've been through.

The desserts is dry, The winds are so thick,

I lay and I run to find, To try to find an end to all of it.

But the sands just continue, The days just get longer

It's a struggle alone to find any water.

I've pulled the last of my hairs, Dear friend, do you even care?

Do you still hurt from the scars that I did when I was there?

For over twenty-four weeks I've sat in the sun,

And the rays, they torture me, Because the damage that I have done.

Please believe me when I say, That I've knelt and I've prayed

For the Lord to forgive me, For the huge mess that I've made.

Dear friend, I remember. And yes, I feel such guilt,

For the times that I wasted with my fights and my yells.

But if you could find it in your heart,To forgive all my mistakes,

I promise, just for you, I'll go back to the start.

Until then, here's the end.I miss you, my dear friend"

I stared at the note, Then read it all again.

The words were sincere, But they didn't calm the fears

Of how it would be like If that man ever came near.

Now I stand where he stood,The very place that he wished he could.

The very place he would stay, If he wasn't so far, far away

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