This Girl

February 14, 2011
This girl she's being so mean.
This girl she's so cold-hearted.
This girl tells me I'm ugly.
This girl tells me I'm fat.
This girl tels me I should not eat.
This girl tells me,"Who would like you?"
This girl tells me,"No man would ever be attracted to you."

This girl...she's pure evil.
This girl reeks of hate.
This girl tells me," The world would be a better place without you."
This girl asks me,"If you died who would miss you?"
This girl tells me,"Take a few (or six) sleeping pills, lets see what happens..."

This girl is vicious.
This girl is heartless.
This girl tells me,"I wonder what your blood looks like..."
This girl tells me," C'mon one more cut...slice,slice,slice."

This girl whispers,"You think your smart?"
This girl whispers,"You'll never be anything."
This girl screams,"Your nothing!"
This girl screams,"Your worthless!"

This girl blinks back at me in the mirror.
This girl has tears streaming down her face.
This girl has blood streaming her arms.
This girl has pain in her eyes.
This girl has pain in her heart.
This girl has light in her soul.

This girl is a fighter.
This girl is a survivor.
This girl blinks back at me in the mirror.

This girl is me...

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Nadster said...
Mar. 1, 2011 at 4:36 am
Where it say "quote" it's supposed to be an actual quotation mark. Sorry everyone.
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