Momma Says Smile, Life, it's Worthwhile

January 4, 2008
By Jennifer Hoffman, Marysville, OH

Constant battle, never ending fight
Continually wondering when things will feel right
Steering away from trouble but always caught in it
Everyone whispers , yet they just don't get
Thinking this was a new fresh start
Yet instead it just took half of my precious heart
Momma says smile
Life, it's worthwhile

Wondering why people constantly tear me apart
Wondering why it is that they'll smile when i depart
Struggling to find an answer on what im doing wrong
Tears falling down, trying oh so hard to stay strong
Distancing myself from all of the so called "in"
Dirty glares from all around as if i committed some kind of deadly sin
Momma says smile
Life, it's worthwhile

Coming closer to the ones that love me the most
Realizing that family are the only ones that will always stay close
Losing trust from all around
Memories i hope vanish is all i want from this town
The dreams I had no longer exist
The things i wanted once will surely be missed
Momma says smile
Life, it's worthwhile

Giving it a try is all that i could do
Dreaming for the best, yet that didn't come true
Asking myself why this life is a constant cry
Moving on, heres to my goodbye
Wishing you the best here at this place
May it only bring happiness and a smile to your face
Momma says smile
Life, its worthwhile

Heres to more new beginnings, to another new start
Heres to happiness for you when were apart
Scared to start over, yet anxious to see
Hopefully i'll experience all the good life will be
Praying each day is all that i can do
Knowing that every day after today will be better is true
Momma says smile
Life, it's worthwhile

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