Why'd I Do This?

January 4, 2008
Why did I talk? What made me say?
Why'd I betray you in so many ways?

My heart is broken 'cause we're not friends,
When will this pain ever end?
I wonder if you'll forgive me for being a grinch,

I understand that you think i'ma snitch.
I never wanted to pull us apart,

But even my mind went against my heart.
Remember when we used to watch cartoons upstairs?

I remember but you don't care.

I considered you my BEST FRIEND!!!

Now you are just one of the rest.
You were easy to talk too and had a good heart,

I could tell you anything and we wouldn't part.
But thanks to my mouth now you hate me!!

I ask," Can we be friends again?? Can we??"
Now i'm asking you as a friend,

Can we start over and be HOMIES again??

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