Thumbeling through lost thoughts in my mind

January 4, 2008
By Heather Derrickson, Sturgis, MI

Thumbeling through lost thoughts in my mind,
Looking for what has happened to the meaning of us,
Knowing it is there with out actually finding it,
Wanting the feelings to be there that had been there as before,
Wishing to find that one right thing to say,
Spinning around and around with out a doubt in the mind,
Wanting that feeling of complet numbness,
Though to know it will be a while to be able to find it again,
Hoping it isn't to late to make mends with what has been wrong,
Pushing harding to cruse around the wrong words to say,
Bumping around and flying by them,
Stealing you back for myself,
Around and around,
Thinking the best with hope that you shale do that same

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