Confessions of a Teenage Heartbreak

January 4, 2008
In the shadows of doubt I live my life,
strive to be the person I wish to be
Never realized the difference between real and fake,
I imagine your face and just can't wait
I can advise others, yet,
I cannot advise myself
Tears from my past and present drip,
No tissue or shoulder to cry on; I'm so alone
Pillows splattered with wet dropplets,
Mascara smears with bitterness
Thoughts of him truly loving me,
I will need help to get through this
He is the only one i will ever love,
He was sent to me from above
He was my angel,
He was my lover
I wait, and wonder,
As my tears forever fall
And he has nothing to say,
Nothing, as he leaves me
He leaves for the last time, this timeless place,
Blank look on my face
He's gone forever, my heart is dead,
He's gone, and not one tear will he shed.

Poem by: Shannon Rogers
"This will certify that the above work is completely original."

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