It was the kind of hazy

January 4, 2008
By Chealsye Bowley, Bradenton, FL

It was the kind of hazy, dewy morning that wasn't allowing
anyone to look far ahead, we were left with only the present
and memories to contend with. I could feel his eyes
scanning me over, but I just stared at the steam from my coffee,
which was playing a fickle dance with the cool air.

I exhaled roughly, adding an unexpected partner to the dance.
I fingered the table and asked, you want it back, don't you?
Well, yes, i'm sure you understand.
Although, copious curls blocked my vision, I locked eyes with him.
I don't.

I slipped my hand into my pocket and produced a velvet box,
as I began to slide it across the table his eyes darted
to my trembling hand, knowing the real reason for its actions,
but even after all this time, being unaware what led to it.
I'm sorry, but I did not cause this.

The sun was beginning to sparkle in the air,
the same way glitter does on grey construction paper.
He pulled into me, and his lips barely brushing my cheek,
grazing the fine, little hairs my body had grown
after I had the lapse that drove him away.
You still smell like summer.
He pulled his coat roughly closer to his body,
and as he stepped into the street he simply disappeared.

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