Dead Leaves and An Empty Bottle

January 4, 2008
By Michaela Imlay, Columbus, MT

Baby can empty the bottle
Hes drowning in my
Alcohol and love
Is the blood that runs through me
Today, I lost my feeling
Anymore, I feel apathetic too
So maybe it'll just let you go
I've been standing right in front of you
I hold your hands
And with your one lasting breath
You take me away...
You're drowning me
Your embraces fades
As the night turns to day
And your restless sleeping
In the clouds your dreaming
Of something longer
Something better
Something other than me
But you drowned me right
You're the one who brought me down
But I can feel the distance
I can feel the way you don't want me
Its almost as if this emptiness and me
Us something we've always dismissed
And pretended to give away
But baby we hide it
Close to every time
Puking up blood and alcohol
When we realize we ran out of time
We held hands and acted like we were in love
We were sick back then
And love could have been anyone
But for you and me it was atrocious
Staring at the lust of not just anyone
We f***ed we fought
I missed, you lost
But there was no happiness
Not even when we pretended
Just a scared little girl
And a tattered little boy
Stuck together by hate,
And never to long, but love
We were one
You and I
Me and you
Sorry and drunk
Every reason to die
I acquired from you

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