A Lesson Learned

January 4, 2008
By Kiara Anthony, Bowie, MD

I gave you my kindness,
But you took it for granted.
Then I gave you my love,
But my love didn’t matter.

I gave you my heart,
But you put it to shame.
I gave you a ring,
But you couldn’t even give me your name.

So I gave you my house,
Which you wrecked into pieces.
When I gave you my anger,
My anger turned into pleading.

I gave you a choice,
But you said you couldn’t choose.
So I gave you my body,
And in return, you gave me abuse.

Held to him was my butcher knife
As he pleaded for me to let him stay.
He begged for my love.
But I told him it was all given away.

He ran to my, not our, room,
But I told him this house was no longer his home.
He tried to give me a hug and a kiss,
But I told him to just leave me alone.

He tried to give me his body,
But I told him I wanted more.
Finally, he tried to give me his heart,
But in return, I just gave him the door.

To all my strong women and proud little girls,
Don’t ever let a man treat you like rocks instead of pearls.
And when the going gets stuff, and he starts acting a fool,
Let him know who has the upper hand,
And in order to win, he has to play by your rules.

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