Where I think I am

January 4, 2008
Words aren’t for eating but I guess I’ll swallow mine down
Try not to make a scene bide my time, I swear I won’t make a sound
There are people in every room at every angle from where I stand
Hanging in my periphery with drinks in each hand
I’m sitting on a couch in a basement I’m suspended in your gaze
And I’m clinging to every motion, every movement of this routine phase
I’m projected like a movie on a dusty cream colored wall
And I’m debating to come to because I’m waiting for the screen to fall

I’m having trouble seeing this from your point of view
When all the lines, all the looks are right on queue
Last night I wrote a letter it was addressed specifically to you
I didn’t plan on sending it, but you know, plans they fall through
Everyone sits in circles they all talk about change
How all the cliques will detach and rearrange
I’ll just sit back quietly and observe
But my thoughts were so loud I swear they overheard
We’ll be friends forever they all insist
Sure if forever’s written crooked with quotations hung around it

Let’s be honest come on let’s set the record straight
We have nothing in common except our birth date
And the names of the streets that we grew up on
That’s not a good enough reason for me to work and carry this on
So I’ll detach myself yeah I’ll rearrange
And you’ll talk how it was so sudden yeah it was so strange
I’ll sit back, I’ll relax, I’ll admire the view
Because I’m still waiting for my place and purpose here to fall through

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